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  Massage School in Phuket, Thailand

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Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee

*Discounted rates are available for multiple applicants. We offer discounted tuition fees for package courses.

Thai Traditional Massage Lesson
Tuition fee
 Level 1 Basic 4  Discounted! 7,500B 
 Level 2 Intermediate 4 9,000B 
 Thai Stretch Massage 4 10,000B 
 Level 3 Advanced 4 11,000B 
 Level 4 Pressure Point / Symptom Reduction / Combination Technique / Herb Ball Compress 4 12,000B 
 Level 5 Tok-Sen / Pelvis,Spine Adjustment / Royal Massage 4 13,000B 
 Level 1,2,3 Package Course 3W Discounted! 25,000B 
 Level 1, Stretch, L3 Package 3W New Campaign! 27,000B 
 Level 1-4 Package Course 4W Discounted! 35,000B 
 Level 1-5 Package Course 5W Discounted! 45,000B 
 Level 1-5 + Stretch Package 6W Super Discounted! 53,000B 
 *Including Textbook(in English,Rusian,Japanese), Certificate of our school    

*Couples discounts are available for short courses.
Short Term Massage Class for Tourist
(Half Day 9:00-11:00/1 Day 9:00-15:00) 
Tuition fee Tuition for Couple
 Neck, Shoulder Massage Half Day --  1,500B  2,500B 
 Back and Leg Massage Half Day -- 1,500B  2,500B 
 Thai Massage 1 Day 1 3,000B  4,500B 
 Thai Massage 2 Days  2 5,500B  8,500B 
 Thai Stretch Massage 2 Days 2 6,000B  9,000B 
 Thai Stretch Massage 3 Days 3 8,000B  12,000B 
 Indian Head Oil Massage 1 Day 1 4,000B  6,000B 
 Aroma Massage 1 Day 1 3,000B  4,500B 
 Aroma Massage 2 Days 2 5,500B  8,500B 
 Facial 1 Day 1 3,500B  5,500B 
 Facial 2 Days 2 6,000B  9,000B 
 Foot Reflexology 1 Day 1 4,000B  6,000B 
 Herb Ball Compress, Make a Herb Ball
1 4,000B  6,000B 
 Supplementary training for student(Private Class) -- 4,000B/Day   
 Technical Massage Private Lesson
  (Required to take Basic course in advance)
-- 5,000B/Day   
 *Including Textbook(in English,Rusian,Japanese), Certificate of our school      

*Discounted rates are available for multiple applicants.(More than 10 days spa courses)
Spa Massage Lesson (9:00-15:00) Day Tuition Fee
 Aroma Massage (Basic Spa Course) 3   8,000B 
 Facial  3 9,000B 
 Swedish Massage 3 10,000B 
 Balinese Massage 3 10,000B 
 Hot Stone Massage 3 10,000B 
 Lomilomi Massage 3 10,000B 
 Deep Tissue Massage 3 11,000B 
 Slimming Massage 3 11,000B 
 Indian Head Massage 1 Day 1 4,000B 
 Body Scrub & Mask 1 Day 1 5,000B 
 Herbal Ball Pouch 2 Days (Using Oil) 2 8,000B 
 Pregnant Woman Massage (Pregnant for 4 months or more) 2 9,000B 
 Spa Package A (Aroma,Deep Tissue,Bali,Slimming) 2W 35,000B 
 Spa Package B (Facial,Swedish,Lomilomi,Hot Stone) 2W 35,000B 
 Spa Package C (Aroma,Facial,Hot Stone,Slim/Fluctuate) 2W 35,000B 
 Spa Package D (Head,Scrub,Herbal Pouch,Pregnant) 1W 20,000B 
 *Including Textbook, Certificate    

Foot Reflexology Lesson(9:00-15:00)
Tuition fee
 Foot Reflexology 1 Day 1 4,000B 
 Foot Reflexology Basic  2 7,500B 
 Foot Reflexology Advanced 2 8,500B 
 Foot Reflexology Basic + Advanced Package (From May) 4 13,000B 
 *The basic course is required to attend the advanced course. Including textbook (in English, Russian, Japanese) with Certificate